4 places to get your website done as a startup

website done as a startup

When you start working on your startup, you will realize that the biggest problem you will be facing is getting recognition. You will struggle a lot with getting customers and building an audience. Today is the age of technology and innovation. No matter how amazing your branding is, no matter how strong your marketing strategy is; if you don’t have a digital presence then you won’t be able to get a lot of customers or generate a lot of sales. The best solution to this is getting a professional website for your business which tells people what you are all about. It will not only improve your brand image but also increase your sales. You might be confused about where to get your website developed. Well, you needn’t worry because we have put together a list of top 4 places to get your website done as a startup.


Fiverr is a freelancing website which provides a platform for connecting buyers and sellers. Sellers put their skills and talent on showcase while buyers pick their services according to their needs. From graphic designing to accounting you will find it all on Fiverr. If you need an interactive and responsive website developed for your startup then you should hire a web developer from Fiverr. You can browse through the profiles of various sellers and choose the one who meets your requirements. Or you can post a custom request for getting a website developed according to your needs and specified budget.

Visit: Fiverr.com

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Big Field Digital

Big Field Digital is a creative agency which in Ibadan, Nigeria. They provide all kind of solutions for small businesses and startups. From graphic designing to videography and from content writing to social media marketing they offer it all. If you need a customized website tailored to your need then you should consider hiring their services. Their rates are highly competitive and they offer quality services.

Visit Big Field Digital


Upwork is also a freelancing website which connects clients with skilled professionals. The website has a unique option of responsive digital contracts. So, you can choose a skilled professional web developer and then hire them by signing a digital contract with them. They will complete the website and deliver it to you and once you approve the work, their funds will be released and the contract will be completed. The contract can be either job based i.e they will get paid once they complete the entire job. Or it can be milestone based i.e they will get paid as they complete certain milestones. You have entire freedom to choose the option which best suits your needs.

Visit: Upwork.com


Sprinble is a digital solutions agency, also located in Nigeria. They provide a variety of creative solutions and disruptive innovations for startups and struggling businesses. They offer UI/UX designing and web development services. They are an excellent option for getting your website developed if you are low on budget or if you don’t know what you are looking for. They specialize in guiding you through the process and make web development a convenient journey for their clients.

Visit: Sprinble

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