Promote and Brand Your Online Small Business for Free

How to Promote and Brand Your Online Small Business for Free

Starting a small business can easily cost a lot of cash. Not everyone has a huge budget to fork over money for their promotions and branding at the start. Here is how you can promote and brand your online small business for free. Give it Time Promoting and branding an online business for free will

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How will coronavirus affect business in Nigeria.

How coronavirus will affect businesses in Nigeria

Many businesses have felt the effect of coronavirus pandemic from the moment it was first discovered in China last year, which have led to most economies been on stand-still, with the fear of uncertainty and business doors been shut to reduce the spread of the virus. Nonetheless, countries such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom

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product is business worth

How to determine if your product is business worth

How do you determine your product is business worth, if you are new to the business, you may not know the value of your product. You cannot just start posting or selling your product. Even if you think your product has worth, still you need to research the market and make a move after checking

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nigeria is good for business

6 Reasons Why Nigeria is good for Business

Nigeria has one of the largest markets in Africa and its population is huge. The country is also known as one of the world’s leading business locations, home to numerous enterprises all doing businesses in various areas, of the country. Moreover, there are many who would point out that doing business in Nigeria can be

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buying startup

Buying Startup: 7 Questions You Should Always Ask

One of the most basic aspects of an entrepreneur is that he or she tries to make investments. one such investment is around buying startup companies, after all, if you can buy startup which is already functional it almost sounds like you already have your business up and running. However, this facet of buying a

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