Entrepreneur Mistake

8 Common Entrepreneur Mistake & how to avoid them

Every entrepreneur in business has made some mistake or there how they bounce back from those mistakes help them keep their business together. Whether it’s a tiny startup or a large business venture, running an enterprise in the first few months is a difficult task. You will face numerous challenges before you even officially launch

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Entrepreneur books: 5 you should read in 2019

The greatest entrepreneurs all shared one habit which made them successful. And it was reading. If you are wondering about succeeding in business, then you can find all the answers in bestselling books. You don’t have to go on a discovering journey from scratch rather you can find the relevant knowledge by absorbing it from

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5 tips on how not to fail has a startup or new business

Every startup business are looking at how not to fail has a startup but many are predicted to fail within 5 years of lunching in Nigeria. Some even last more than that giving hope they will survive but end up collapsing at the end. Although, most of this business has the best innovate ideas but

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